Releasing your podcast is 10% of the process.

The remaining 90% is marketing it.



What if your podcast attracted thousands of engaged fans, increased

your income like whaaaat, and gave you the time and independence

to make an impact while enjoying your life?


YOU CAN HAVE more Impact, Influence, and Income,

and Create Social Media that Matters.


PLUS, receive support from a private podcasting community and live coaching every week that gives you the strategies, tactics, and mindset-shifts you need to grow your social media WHILE staying true to who you are.


Does any of this sound familiar?


Feeling overwhelmed and drained by putting more in than you get out of social media?


Wonder if you can be successful without being a big influencer?


Having a crazy hard time getting followers?


Does gaining engagement online feel like it’s taking too long and moving super slow?


Wondering if your niche is too small, oversaturated, or not trendy enough to gain traction?


Are your accounts stagnant because you don’t know what to post and stare blankly at your screen every time you try?


Don’t think you have enough time to devote to social media?


We've been there and we're here to help.

Two Podcasters with a Passion for

Creating ImpactInfluence, and Income

and to Help YOU Do the Same. 

When we met in 2015, we could not believe the similarities in our lives and personalities. We both had backgrounds in film. We were both vegan. We were both building online brands.


Today, we are both podcasters who love creating, consulting, and teaching. We have speaking gigs around the world, bestselling books, and successful online coaching programs.


We realized that by joining forces, we could be even more powerful and reach more people. And that's why we decided to create PodImpact.



✨ WHAT: A Weekly Live Coaching Program


✨ WHERE: Online using ZOOM


✨ WHO: Alli, Whitney, and passionate podcasters with a purpose


✨ WHY: Because it is time to SHINE on SOCIAL MEDIA



 Weekly Coaching Call with Alli and Whitney (every Thursday) 

where we will cover social media marketing tools, tips and strategies that work in 2020 on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tik Tok, Pinterest and beyond!


 BONUS 1: Facebook Group: Networking with a passionate community of fierce  entrepreneurs and podcasters in a private PodImpact Facebook group who collaborate, review each others shows, interview each other and support each other!


 BONUS 2: ACADEMY VIDEOS: Access to 8+ training videos on topics like email marketing, Pinterest, TikTok, and running challenges.





Create Impact

Our stories are what unite us. By sharing your journey, you are allowing others to learn from your mistakes and to be inspired by your lessons learned. In PodImpact, we stop playing small, we find our voices, and we start sharing our stories across social media and through podcasting.

Create Influence

When you share authentically, something magical happens. Friends start to hang on to your every word. Fans start to change their lives once they are inspired that all you have accomplished. And you become a person of Influence. And the more influence you have, the bigger impact you can make.

Create Income

As you grow your listeners and fans, you'll have a global impact. With more impact comes more abundant opportunities for active and passive income streams. The more we earn with our brands, the more we can give back to causes we care about and expand our reach further than we could have imagined.

Wanted to share a fun video podcast we recorded to help

you build an online-recession-proof business 


My name is Alana Haldan. I’m a vegan chef, recipe developer, food photographer, and blogger, and I run a food blog called Sprouts and Krauts.


I just completed the latest series of Allison Melody’s Rise and Bloom Mastermind.


Over the course of the past six months, I’ve learned so many different tactics that I’m now using to improve my business, including Instagram strategies, Facebook advertising, sponsorships, and sales funnels.


Allison is an inspiring leader in the wellness space and has made this information so easy to understand as well as accessible to us.


Before I started Rise and Bloom, I felt pulled in many different directions career-wise.


Going through the Mastermind allowed me to reflect on my talents and passions and truly helped me to clarify my goals and solidify my path going forward. 


I came away from the Mastermind with so many tools and strategies to implement in my business and I now feel much more equipped to build my blog and brand!


I highly recommend Allison's coaching to anyone looking to take their business to the next level!


Just invest in yourself and you will see results. Thanks Allison!

"I absolutely loved Alli's mastermind,

Rise and Bloom. I learned so much!

It's a joy to learn from her!"

Marina Yanay-Triner


I absolutely loved Alli's mastermind, Rise and Bloom. I learned so much!


I feel like participating in this mastermind will definitely take my business to the next level because Alli shares things exactly as they are - straight and to the point! No weird strategies that don't work.


All the information she shared with us was from her own experience, and very targeted towards being efficient and effective in our business.


It's a joy to learn from her and I can't wait to elevate my business and continue learning from Ali!




If it's not a fit, just email within 7 days of starting the course and we'll send you a full refund.